THRIVE Strategic Business Solutions Inc.

Thrive is committed to achieving great results for small and medium sized enterprises.  With over 25 years of experience in international business, Thrive works with their clients to improve communications and drive  strategies relating to financial reporting, financing, cash management or expansion into foreign markets.  Thrive is always eager to undertake even the toughest situation.  Working through challenges takes unwavering character, determination and an unyielding commitment to implementing the final solution.  Thrive works tirelessly to be a part of your team, and leading to the best strategic solutions for your enterprise.

About the President


Geoffrey has over twenty-five years of global C level financial experience to share with your organization. He has championed finance deals in Canada, USA, UK, Czech Republic, and China with various financial institutions and has had hands on involvement in amalgamations, restructuring activities, acquisitions, large asset purchases, union contract resolution and insurance reviews. Financial reporting, forecasting, cash management and global audit oversight make Thrive Strategic Business Solutions Inc. perfect for preparing your business for sale, purchase or expansion.

Why Us


As a prior CFO, Geoffrey has been a leader in accounting, financial reporting, financing, mergers, reorganizations and acquisitions not only in North America but in most other continents including South America, Europe and Asia. Experience in different markets allows Thrive to help by asking the right questions and avoiding pitfalls others may overlook. Mistakes can be expensive and Thrive works diligently to avoid the issues that can derail best intentions.


Many believe that the automotive industry is one of the most demanding in the business world. Having worked in different manufacturing entities and in various industries over many years brings experiences in areas not all are privy to. Business cycles, expansion, supply problems and the financial crisis of 2008 all are pressure situations that were ethically resolved with professionalism and a conscious plan to make the best out of bad situations.


Thrive is committed to helping in any area required. Experience in quality system development, environmental management, metal stamping, molding, tooling production, assembly, business expansion, due diligence, human resources as well as finance and accounting allows for a well rounded approach to identifying and implementing strategic business solutions that are best suited for your entity.


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