Thrive Strategic Business Solutions Inc.

Fractional CFO services that drive bottom line results.

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Thrive Strategic Business Solutions Inc.

Hands on financial management solutions without the full -time cost.

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Thrive Strategic Business Solutions Inc.

Part-time or interim accounting and financial management solutions.

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Thrive Strategic Business Solutions Inc.

Customer Satisfaction rating of over 95%

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Thrive Strategic Business Solutions Inc.

Financial management solutions aimed at developing overall business strategy improvements

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Searching for Fractional CFO services or expert financial management consulting that results in improved profitability and maximized cash flow, then look no further. Financing issues, struggles with succession planning, inadequate financial reporting or difficulty managing rapid growth are all challenges businesses face every day. Thrive views these challenges as opportunities to grow, develop and ultimately improve your business’ profitability. Put over 25 years of executive financial management experience to work for your organization. Choose solutions. Choose planning for improved profitability. Choose Thrive Strategic Business Solutions Inc.


Geoffrey believes in an on-site, hands-on approach to Fractional CFO service delivery. Effective solutions require an understanding of your business, your team and all the challenges faced by your organization. Interaction with all team members allows for true long-lasting financial management consulting solutions. Geoffrey has prioritized commitment to personal service throughout his professional career. He believes that integration within your business yields successful permanent solutions that ultimately improve your organization’s strength and profitability. Change is difficult, but Geoffrey will be right there with you and your team to deliver solutions that generate prosperity.





As a prior Chief Financial Officer of a medium-sized, privately held, family-owned business, Geoffrey understands the importance of expert financial management. He also recognizes that Fractional CFO services are a luxury for many small- to medium-sized businesses. Engaging Thrive will give you affordable access to this expertise, benefitting your business with sound financial management consulting principles that your staff can easily implement and maintain.

Few enterprises conduct business solely in Canada. Expansion inevitably leads your business to the USA, Mexico or other foreign countries. Geoffrey has extension experience in business expansion throughout the world. Possibilities for global expansion are limitless, so the path chosen must be clearly defined. Experience with mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, greenfield expansion, and licensing and royalty agreements are but a few of the alternatives that Geoffrey can help your business analyze to determine the best path for achieving maximum prosperity.

The greatest asset of many businesses are its people. Geoffrey’s on-site, hands-on approach to Fractional CFO service delivery allows him to share his expertise with all members of your organization. He not only works with your finance and account teams but also eagerly engages with all aspects of your business, offering you the most effective and comprehensive solutions for your organization. Geoffrey believes that building reliance and trust in your business team is paramount to achieving financial management success. His interaction with all levels of your organization drives a consistent, intentional focus to secure the greatest financial management consulting results for your business.


Take advantage of over 25 years of international financial management and executive-level business experience. Thrive can help achieve the greatest financial management consulting results in the following areas:

  • Fractional or Part-time CFO Services
  • Lending Proposal Preparation (including forecasts)
  • Financing Alternatives and Negotiations
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Risk Management (including foreign exchange, treasury and insurance)
  • Financial Reporting and Banking Liaison
  • International Business Expansion


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