Fractional CFO Services and Virtual CFO Services

Fractional CFO services and Virtual CFO Services provided by Thrive Strategic Business Solutions Inc. have become increasingly popular with business owners. Part-time CFO services allow for professional expertise on an as needed basis allowing business owners to forgo the permanent cost of a full-time employee. CFO Services can be provided on site or virtually as required allowing for flexible utilization of executive level financial management insight. Thrive’s Fractional CFO Services allow businesses to improve their financial decision making by taking advantage of 30 years of global executive management experience. Thrive’s Fractional CFO services are available across Canada with a concentration in the province of Ontario. 

CFO Services

We are committed to driving your business to its ultimate success, regardless of what industry you may be in. Thrive Strategic Business Solutions Inc. has successfully assisted various entities in the following industry sectors:

  • Continuous Manufacturing
  • Metal Stamping
  • Tool and Mold Production
  • CNC Machining
  • Land and Real Estate Development
  • Real Estate Purchases
  • Construction
  • Greenhouse Construction
  • Greenhouse Vegetable Growers
  • Farming
  • Food Processing
  • Logistics Providers
  • Vehicle Dealerships
  • Pet Boarding Operations
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Specialty Stone Fabrication and Supply

Fractional CFO services and Virtual CFO Services provided by Thrive Strategic Business Solutions Inc. have become increasingly popular with business owners. Part-time CFO services allow for professional expertise on an as-needed basis, allowing   business owners to forgo the permanent cost of a full-time employee. CFO Services can be provided on site or virtually as required for flexible utilization of executive level financial management insight. Thrive’s Fractional CFO Services allow businesses to improve their financial decision making by taking advantage of 30 years of global executive management experience. Thrive’s Fractional CFO services are available across Canada with a concentration in the province of Ontario.


Are you in the process of seeking out funding for a new project, expansion or require working capital in order to fund a growing business or bridge financing to get over a bump in the road? Thrive is here to achieve your business target. With over 25 years of global financing experience, Geoffrey has worked through numerous situations that required a strong commitment to gathering the information lenders are looking for in a compact and all-encompassing manner. Potential lenders want a professional package that demonstrates the business has done its homework. They require evidence that the business has explored not only the opportunities but also the potential pitfalls of the requested funding. Presenting lenders with well thought-out forecasts and financing packages frames your business in the best light to achieve the financing options you deserve. Geoffrey has strong relationships with commercial, private and bridge lending groups throughout Ontario and is, therefore, well versed in what lenders request and in tune with which lender will best suit your business opportunity.

Many small- and medium-sized enterprises are facing an ever-increasing challenge – what to do with their business at retirement. Succession planning is becoming a significant issue for privately held and family owned businesses. Ownership conducts the tax and estate planning required to protect themselves, but this is only a small piece of an effective succession plan. Who will run the business? Will the business be handed down in the family or is there no interest? If not, can you find competent management to run the business? How will sales relationships be transferred? Are there documented policies and procedures for handoff? There are several alternatives available to business owners, but in most cases, documentation, financial reporting and personnel constraints prevent businesses from seeking out those alternatives in a comprehensive manner. Planning today for the next phase of your business presents many more opportunities to successfully transition it into the future while maximizing your ultimate return. You have spent a lifetime building your organization. Choose Thrive to prepare for the greatest return on your hard work through professional succession planning!


There are numerous lending options out there. Banks, credit unions, equipment financing, private lenders, institutional lenders and bridge financing are but a few. With so many options available, are you satisfied with your business’ current lending situation? Is the structure cumbersome? Are the covenants unfair or onerous? Do you have the working capital availability your business requires? When was the last time you considered other lending alternatives? Thrive works with you and various lenders to get you the solutions you require to feel empowered rather than constrained by your business’ lending situation. Most small- and medium-sized business owners do not have time to assess their current lending situation and determine whether other lenders may be better suited to their business. A thorough review of your current lending relationship and investigation of viable alternatives is just smart business. Choosing Thrive to champion your financing negotiations will allow you the time to run your business without the worry of constant interactions with lenders. Thrive brings your
business well thought-out, pre-negotiated alternatives and a recommendation based on 25 years of experience. Give Thrive the opportunity to make your business strong, flexible, and prosperous. 

Protecting your organization from unforeseen events is in the best interest of every business owner, yet little time is spent properly understanding the risks and opportunities your business faces. Properly analyzing these risks and opportunities and implementing sound practices to mitigate them seems self-evident, but time constraints and the current hot issue tend to force them to the back burner. They often flare up when the timing could not be worse for your business. A simple analysis of your business’ risk profile may be just what is required to avoid a catastrophic event that cripples your business. Fraud can be averted by a strong treasury policy system. Foreign exchange exposures need to be properly understood to ensure that the program undertaken is best for your business. There are affordable and sustainable insurance products available to protect your business against dangerous exposures. Risk management in privately held family businesses is likely where the least time is spent and the largest detriment to your business exists. Choose Thrive to uncover those
risks and implement solutions aimed at avoiding devastating losses. Protect your business with Thrive!


Transmitting financial information with speed and accuracy is imperative for success in business. Information must be readily available for management and outside users. We identify the bottlenecks that delay reporting and work with your team to implement strategic solutions. 

Business expansion into foreign markets is a minefield of costly pitfalls. Taxes, structural failings, and unrealistic timelines are examples of a few common problems. We will help you take advantage of greenfield expansion into over ten different markets, including Europe, China, South America, Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Financial reporting is largely overlooked by most privately held, small- and medium-sized businesses. Typically, there is a lack of focus on the accounting and
finance functions in these types of entities because they are viewed as overhead or non-value added functions. All of this rings true until your entity runs into a government audit or is subject to some other request for financial information from a third party. Then businesses typically scramble to justify what they have been doing the past years. In the end, you need to call in your tax partner or an audit firm to organize what could have
and should have been prepared all along. These “under the gun” scenarios can become extremely expensive in both professional fees and interest and penalties levied by the government office performing the audit.

In addition, businesses of this size are typically required by their financial institutions to conduct monthly or quarterly reporting in order to maintain their entities lending facilities. Many SME’s do a poor job of not only producing the information required but also presenting the information in a manner that frames your entity in a positive light. Incomplete or incorrect financial reporting can lead to a number of issues that drain valuable time from running the operation, tying up key people in answering questions or correcting inaccurate reporting. Everything seems to slip by when the business is running well and the economy is excelling, but that never lasts forever. 

Every business hits bumps in the road and timely and accurate financial reporting is imperative to eliminating any reason for your lender to start asking questions about your business’ financial situation in the wake of some uncontrollable challenges. 

By investing a little time and money in financial reporting, you will not only save your business from unwanted interruptions but also gain access to valuable information that will satisfy your lenders and other third parties. You will also gain access to financial information that enables you and your business to make timely and effective decisions leading to growth and prosperity. It is difficult enough to manage all of the day to day stresses of running a successful business. Let Thrive Strategic Business Solutions Inc. take the concerns of financial management and reporting off your plate so you can concentrate on running your operation to achieve the best results possible. 

Thrive can not only help you develop a process for improving the timing of your financial reporting but also works to build your finance and accounting teams so they can continue to provide your business with the results you seek long after our engagement has ended. We work to ensure you get what you’re looking for  and that the outcomes are long-lasting.

Expanding into foreign markets is exciting for any business but is also laden with pitfalls  that many overlook solely because they don’t know which questions to ask or rush into deals without properly weighing all of their options. Thrive brings a myriad of experience to the decision-making process when expanding into foreign markets. We are committed to helping your team bring your Canadian manufacturing operation to new markets that will allow your business to grow and prosper. 

Expansion success can be achieved in many ways: acquisitions, joint ventures, licensing, royalty arrangements, or greenfield and brownfield development. Thrive has hands-on experience with each of these ventures in markets including the USA, Mexico, Brazil, China, Germany, the Czech Republic, and the UK. Not every expansion plan needs to be expensive. Still, other markets should be approached with more caution. Developing markets are important  to most manufacturing operations, but special care must be taken within them. Thrive will ensure that your enterprise’s entrance into developing markets is manageable, not only from a capital perspective but also from management resources, product development, marketing, and business development perspectives. 

Considering all possible financial alternatives is the only way to ensure you’ve chosen the correct path for your expansion. To help your business succeed, Thrive will review all facets of your business, including your current business environment and expectations for your business’ future. We will not only uncover new financial alternatives but also forecast the cash requirements necessary to properly execute the transaction and working capital needed to propel your project through the difficult initial stages of a new venture. Expansion is only effective if it enables your business to grow without negatively affecting your current business operations. Unduly straining your business can completely defeat the expansion’s original intended objectives. 

Thrive’s magnitude of experience and exceptional attention to detail will help your entity research and evaluate alternatives that allow you to engage in the expansion plan that best suits your firm’s ever-evolving goals and objectives. 

Thrive is also dedicated to executing and implementing your chosen plan and ensuring that your business is achieving the best strategic solution for its future. This process takes time and often derails after its initial implementation. Thrive can prevent these setbacks by integrating all facets of the business, which we know is paramount to successful implementation. Money spent developing a proper plan can reap enormous benefits once that plan is fully enacted. Thrive makes every commitment to deriving an effective solution for your entity that is planned and executed with professional business acumen. 

Your initial consultation is free, so contact Thrive Strategic Business Solutions Inc. today, and let’s see how we can help with your international business development plans. We look forward to hearing from you!