International Business Development

Expanding into foreign markets is exciting for any business, but is also laden with pitfalls that many overlook solely because they don’t know which questions to ask or rush into deals without properly weighing all of their options. Thrive brings a myriad of experience to the decision-making process when expanding into foreign markets. We are committed to helping your team expand your Canadian manufacturing operation to new markets that will allow your business to grow and prosper.

Expansion success can be achieved in many ways: acquisitions, joint ventures, licensing, royalty arrangements, or greenfield and brownfield development. Thrive has hands-on experience with each of these ventures in markets including the USA, Mexico, Brazil, China, Germany, Czech Republic, and the UK. Not every expansion plan needs to be expensive. Still, other markets should be entered with more caution. Developing markets are important to most manufacturing operations, but special care must be taken within them. Thrive will ensure that your enterprise’s entrance into developing markets is manageable, not only from a capital perspective but also from management resources, product development, marketing, and business development perspectives.

Considering all possible financial alternatives is the only way to ensure you’ve chosen the correct path for your expansion. To help your business succeed, Thrive will review all facets of your business, including your current business environment and expectations for your business’s future. We will not only uncover new financial alternatives but also forecast the cash requirements necessary to properly execute the transaction and working capital needed to propel your project through the difficult initial stages of any new venture. Expansion is only effective if it enables your business to grow without negatively affecting your current business operations. Unduly straining your business can completely defeat the expansion’s original intended objectives.

Thrive’s magnitude of experience and exceptional attention to detail will help your entity research and evaluate alternatives that allow you to engage in the expansion plan that best suits your firm’s ever-evolving goals and objectives.

Thrive is also dedicated to executing and implementing your chosen plan and ensuring that your business is achieving the best strategic solution for its future. This process takes time and often derails after its initial implementation. Thrive can prevent these setbacks by integrating all facets of the business, which we know is paramount to successful implementation. Money spent developing a proper plan can reap enormous benefits once that plan is fully implemented. Thrive makes every commitment to deriving an effective solution for your entity that is planned and executed with professional business acumen.

Your initial consultation is free, so contact Thrive Strategic Business Solutions Inc. today, and let’s see how we might help with your international business development plans. We look forward to hearing from you!