Take advantage of over 25 years of international financial-management and executive-level business experience. Thrive can help achieve the greatest business prosperity in the following areas:

  • Lending Proposal Preparation (including forecasts)
  • Financing Alternatives and Negotiations
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Risk Management (including foreign exchange, treasury and insurance)
  • Financial Reporting and Banking Liaison
  • International Business Expansion

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Are you in the process of seeking out funding for a new project, expansion, required working capital in order to fund a growing business or bridge financing in order to get through a bump in the road, Thrive is here to achieve your business target. With over 25 years of global financing experience, Geoffrey has worked through numerous scenarios and situations that required a strong commitment to gathering the information lenders are looking for in a compact and all-encompassing manner. Potential lenders are looking for a professional package that illustrates that the business has done its homework and presents not only the opportunity but has also worked through the potential pitfalls of the requested funding being sought. Presenting lenders with well thought out forecasts and financing packages puts your business in the best light to achieve successful financing options you deserve. Geoffrey has extensive relationships with commercial, private and bridge lending groups throughout Ontario and is therefore well versed in what lenders are requesting and in tune with the lender that may best suit your business opportunity.

Many small and medium sized enterprises are facing an ever-increasing challenge – what to do with there business at retirement? Succession planning is becoming a significant issue for privately held and family owned businesses. Ownership does the tax, and estate planning required to protect themselves, but this is only a small piece of an effective succession plan. Who will run the business? Will the business be handed down in the family or is there no interest? If not, can you find competent management to run the business? How will sales relationships be transferred? Are there documented policies and procedures for handoff? There are several alternatives available to business owners but in most cases the documentation, financial reporting, personnel constraints are not properly addressed to avail the business to seek out all those alternatives in a comprehensive manner. Planning today for the next phase of your business opens many more opportunities to successfully transition your business into the future while maximizing your ultimate return. You have spent a lifetime building your successful organization. Choose Thrive to prepare for the greatest return on your lifetime of hard work through professional succession planning!



There are numerous lending opportunities out there. Banks, credit unions, equipment financing, private lenders, institutional lenders, bridge financing are but a few. With so many options available to businesses, are you satisfied with your businesses current lending situation? Is the structure cumbersome? Are the covenants unfair or onerous? Do you have the working capital availability your business requires? When was the last time you sought out other lending alternative? Thrive works with you and various lenders to get you the solutions you require in order to run your business successfully instead of being constrained by your current lending situation. Most small and medium sized business owners do not have the time to assess their current lending situation and go to market to see if there are alternatives with other lenders that may be better suited to your business. A thorough review of your current lending relationship and seeking out alternatives is just smart business. Choosing Thrive to champion your financing negotiations will allow you the time to run your business without the worry of constant interaction with lenders. Thrive brings your business well thought out pre-negotiated alternatives and a recommendation based on 25 years of experience. Give Thrive the opportunity to allow your business the financial strength and flexibility to prosper and maximize profitability.

Protecting your business from unforeseen events is in the best interest of every business owner. Yet little time is spent properly understanding both the risks and opportunities that your business is exposed to. Properly analyzing these risks and opportunities and implementing sound practices to mitigate these risks seems self-evident but time constraints and the current hot issue tend to force these important risks to the back burner only to flare up when the timing could not be the worst for your business. A simple analysis of your businesses risk profile may be just what is required to avoid a catastrophic event that cripples your business. Fraud can be averted by a strong treasury policy and systems. Foreign exchange exposures need to be properly understood to ensure that the program undertaken is best for your business. And are there insurance products available for your business that may protect dangerous exposures that are affordable and easy to maintain. Risk management in privately held family businesses is likely where the least time is spent and the largest detriment to your business exists. Choose Thrive to uncover those risks and implement solutions aimed at avoiding devastating business occurrences. Protect your business. Choose Thrive!




Transmitting financial information with speed and accuracy is imperative for success in business. Information must be readily available for management and outside users. We identify the bottlenecks that delay reporting and work with your team to implement strategic solutions.

Business expansion into foreign markets is a minefield of costly pitfalls. Taxes, structural failings, and unrealistic timelines are examples of a few common problems. We will help you take advantage of greenfield expansion into over ten different markets which include Europe, China, South America, Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom.