Below are some of the amazing testimonials we have received from very satisfied clients.
I have worked with Thrive Strategic Business solutions Inc. and Geoffrey de Liberato for almost 2 years now and couldn’t be happier with the service and expertise provided. They are very knowledgeable in their field and provide great customer service in a timely manner. I would recommend Thrive to anyone looking for their services.
Matt Urquhart I President
Hawk Plastics Ltd.
Over the past few years, our team has had the pleasure of working along side Geoffrey from Thrive Strategic Business Solutions. His expertise in strategic planning and financial management has been instrumental in guiding our company towards success. His insights and proactive approach with the finances has helped us in making informed decisions that align with our long-term goals.

Geoffrey’s dedication, professionalism, and deep understanding of our business needs, has made him an important part of our team. He has worked alongside our team to help us create and implement our strategic plan. His approach is effective and thought provoking as he challenges everyone to think differently. I highly recommend his services to any organization seeking help with their financials or strategic planning."
Matt Bartels I Partner–General Manager
Select Stone Supply
We highly recommend Thrive Strategic Business Solutions inc. Geoffrey was very professional, knowledgeable and understanding of our needs. He worked with us and helped us to rebuild a strong foundation for our business. We really can’t thank him enough and we would definitely recommend him to any business in need of guidance.
R. Turner, President
Hemo Logistics Inc.
During a long business career you encounter many people along the way. Geoffrey is one of the truly good ones. I had the pleasure of contracting him in a few of my companies. He possesses multiple skills, both as a CFO, in the discipline of strategic planning, and was especially adept at change management, process improvement and the implementation of production process improvements. I came to rely on both his accuracy and his ability to deliver on time-sensitive initiatives. It is my pleasure to provide this endorsement for Geoffrey.
Robb Nelson, Broker, CEO
Family Lending
My wife and I own and operate a farm that was established by my parents in 1961. I have been growing greenhouse vegetables for over 40 years and am proud of the quality we produce and package. We have always had local marketers vying for our product season after season to sell to their customers.

With our three sons entering into the operation as third generation farmers, it was time to take the next step and market our own product. In 2017 we formed our marketing company, TriSon Farms International Inc. Whose purpose was to sell the produce that we grow on our farms under the TriSon Farms brand. With a lot of hard work and long days, we soon found ourselves overwhelmed with the rapid growth of the company. And it soon became clear that even though we have a knowledgeable background in farming, marketing was a totally different business. We needed help to go forward, from corporate structure to the proper flow and allocation of the accounting ledgers.

After interviewing a number of consultants, we brought on board Thrive Strategic Business Solutions Inc. Right from our initial interview, Mr. Geoffrey de Liberato asked all the right questions to familiarize himself with not only what we do, or trying to do, but where we want to be.

After spending time interviewing our team, observing the day to day operation, and the flow of receiving produce from the farms to the final sale of the finished/packaged produce, he presented to us an in-depth report.

We have now implemented his strategies. From corporate structure, where everyone on our team knows what their position encompasses and how to carry out their duties, to a detailed accounting process that tracks our numerous commodities that we grow, pack & ship on a daily basis. And most importantly an accounting system to properly and accurately track receivables and payables.

We have launched an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) that Mr. de Liberato was instrumental in assisting us with.

Going forward, as we expand our procurement of product and increase sales, we will look to Thrive Strategic Business Solutions Inc. for guidance and consider him a member of our TriSon team.
Rico Mastronardi
TriSon Farms International Inc., President
I am happy to recommend Geoffrey de Liberato, from Thrive Strategic Business Solutions Inc. as a consultant for financing analysis, negotiation and structuring advice. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in a recent project and was instrumental in uncovering our best options. Geoffrey was a good communicator and provided excellent response time in addition to his deep expertise!
Diane Reko, CEO
Reko International Group Inc.